What Is Pitta Called In English?

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Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, is rooted in ancient Indian traditions and philosophy. Central to Ayurveda is the concept of doshas, which are elemental forces that govern our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Among these doshas, “Pitta” holds a unique place. In this blog post, we will explore what “Pitta” is, its characteristics, and how it is referred to in English.

What Is Pitta Called In English?

Pitta is one of the three primary doshas in Ayurveda, with the other two being Vata and Kapha. Each dosha is associated with a combination of elements and has distinct qualities, functions, and effects on the body and mind. Pitta is often described as a combination of the fire (Agni) and water (Jala) elements.

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Key Characteristics Of Pitta:

  • Fire and Water: As a combination of fire and water, Pitta is associated with qualities of heat, sharpness, and fluidity. It represents the transformative and metabolic processes in the body.
  • Hot and Oily: Pitta dosha tends to be hot, oily, and sharp. It governs digestion, metabolism, and the regulation of body temperature.
  • Qualities: Pitta is characterized by qualities such as intensity, focus, ambition, courage, and a sharp intellect. It is associated with the “yang” or active principle.
  • Digestive Power: One of Pitta’s primary functions is to govern digestion and assimilation. It helps break down food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste efficiently.
  • Skin and Eyes: Pitta’s influence is evident in the skin’s health and complexion, as well as the clarity and sharpness of the eyes.
  • Emotional Traits: In terms of emotions, Pitta can manifest as anger, competitiveness, and a tendency toward perfectionism when out of balance.

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How Is “Pitta” Referred To In English?

In English, “Pitta” is commonly referred to simply as “Pitta.” The term is transliterated from Sanskrit and is widely used in Ayurvedic literature, practices, and discussions around health and wellness. However, to better understand the concept, it can be helpful to break down the qualities associated with Pitta into English terms:

  1. Fire and Water Element: Pitta’s combination of fire and water elements can be understood as representing the body’s metabolic processes. The fire element symbolizes digestion and transformation, while the water element represents fluidity and cooling.
  2. Metabolism and Digestion: When discussing Pitta in the context of health and wellness, it is often described as the metabolic and digestive dosha. This highlights its role in breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and maintaining a healthy digestive system.
  3. Intense and Sharp: Pitta’s qualities of intensity and sharpness can be translated as representing a focused, determined, and goal-oriented personality when balanced.
  4. Body Temperature Regulation: The concept of Pitta can also be related to the body’s ability to regulate temperature. A balanced Pitta dosha helps maintain a healthy body temperature.
  5. Emotional Balance: In English, discussions about emotional traits associated with Pitta may include managing anger, fostering competitiveness in a positive way, and cultivating a balanced approach to perfectionism.


“Pitta” is a fundamental concept in Ayurveda, representing the fire and water element within the body. While the term “Pitta” is often used in English to describe this dosha, it can be beneficial to break down its qualities and functions to better understand its impact on health and wellness. Recognizing the role of Pitta in digestion, metabolism, and emotional well-being can lead to a more balanced and holistic approach to health in both Ayurvedic and Western contexts.


What Is The Meaning Of Pitta In Body?

Pitta translates roughly as fire. However, the term does not mean fire in the literal sense, in the way you might experience or sense it as candlelight or in an open fire. Pitta dosha, the heat energy in the body, is invisible. It manifests itself in your metabolism.

Is Pitta Called Gallbladder?

As a storage site of bile, the gallbladder is a pitta organ playing an important role in the digestive process. As gallstones obstruct the flow of bile, pitta bile can not effectively digest kapha fats. As a result, kapha builds up in the digestive system resulting in pale, fatty stools.

Which Organ Is Called Pitta?

The main location of pitta in the body are the small intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, blood and eyes. It is known to provide heat and energy to the body through the breakdown of complex food molecules and governs all the processes related to conversion and transformation throughout the mind and body.

Where Is Pitta In The Body?

It is present in all body cells. Ayurveda has mentioned a few locations in the body like the small intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, blood, and eyes that are the prime locations of this dosha. In a balanced state, Pitta is responsible for digestion or the transformation of food in the body.

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