What Is Forced Vibration?

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Are you curious to know what is forced vibration? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about forced vibration in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is forced vibration?

Forced vibration is a captivating phenomenon within the realm of physics, delving into the intricate interactions between external forces and vibrating systems. This article aims to provide a detailed and knowledgeable understanding of what forced vibration is, its relevance in physics, and key concepts associated with this dynamic phenomenon.

What Is Forced Vibration?

Forced vibration, in the context of physics, refers to the oscillations or vibrations experienced by a system under the influence of an external force. Unlike natural or free vibrations, where a system oscillates at its natural frequency, forced vibrations result from an applied force that drives the system to oscillate at a frequency other than its natural frequency.

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What Is Forced Vibration In Physics Class 12?

In the physics curriculum for Class 12, students delve into the nuanced aspects of forced vibration. This includes understanding how external forces impact the behavior of vibrating systems, the mathematics behind forced vibrations, and their practical applications.

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What Is Forced Vibration Class 11?

In Class 11 physics, students are introduced to the fundamental principles of vibrations and waves. Forced vibration is a concept covered in this curriculum, laying the foundation for a deeper exploration in subsequent classes. It involves studying the effects of external forces on vibrating systems and the resulting dynamic behavior.

What Is Forced Vibration Example?

An illustrative example of forced vibration is a child on a swing. When a periodic external force is applied, such as a push at a specific frequency, it compels the swing to move in a way that may not align with its natural frequency. The swing undergoes forced vibrations due to the external force acting upon it.

Explain Why Holes Are Kept On One Side Of Sonometer Box:

In experiments involving forced vibrations, a sonometer box is often used. Holes are strategically placed on one side of the sonometer box to allow for the adjustment of the effective length of the vibrating wire. This adjustment influences the natural frequency and facilitates the study of forced vibrations in a controlled environment.

Forced Vibration Formula:

The mathematical representation of forced vibration involves complex equations that consider parameters such as the amplitude of vibration, damping factor, and the frequency of the external force. The forced vibration formula enables the quantification and prediction of the system’s response under the influence of external forces.

Forced Vibration Pdf:

Forced vibration is a topic that is often explored in academic materials and research papers. A Forced Vibration PDF might contain detailed explanations, mathematical derivations, and experimental results related to forced vibrations. Students and researchers can refer to such documents for in-depth insights.

Forced Vibration And Resonance:

Forced vibration becomes particularly significant when the frequency of the external force matches the natural frequency of the vibrating system, leading to a phenomenon known as resonance. Resonance amplifies the amplitude of vibrations, showcasing the interconnectedness of forced vibration and resonance.

Forced Vibration Diagram:

A forced vibration diagram visually represents the relationship between the external force, frequency, and the system’s response. Such diagrams are instrumental in understanding the behavior of vibrating systems under the influence of external forces.


In conclusion, forced vibration is a captivating aspect of physics that sheds light on how external forces can influence the vibrational behavior of systems. Understanding the concepts, examples, formulas, and diagrams associated with forced vibration is crucial for students and researchers exploring the dynamic world of physics.


What Is Forced Vibration In Physics?

When a vibration takes place under the influence of external periodic force then it is called a forced vibration. Also when the body vibrates due to an external periodic force other than its own natural frequency then we can say that it is forced vibration.

What Is Forced Frequency?

When the external force is applied to frequency to make it continuous then it is called forced frequency. The forced frequency occurs when an external periodic force causes a body to oscillate. Here, the system’s external energy supplies cause the oscillation’s amplitude to dampen but keep it constant.

What Is Difference Between Free Vibration And Forced Vibration?

Free vibrations: Vibrations that occur in the absence of friction and external forces after initial release of the body. Forced vibrations: When repeated force continuously acts on the system the vibrations are said to be forced vibrations.

What Is Another Name For Forced Vibration?

Resonance is basically defined as a forced vibration under steady-state conditions, i.e., for constant forcing frequency. In practice, the frequency of the harmonic excitation is varied, either continuously or stepwise, to determine the resonances.

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